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    Parcel Tracking

    Top tips on how to solve parcel tracking problems

    The digital space is expanding with the passing of every second. Virtually every business is moving online and making efforts to deliver their products and services online.

    As individuals are looking to the Internet to find solutions to package delivery problems, international parcel trackers are becoming very popular. The chances are that you have ordered or purchased something online at one point in time. If you haven't, the odds are that you know someone who has.

    Having said that, how do products get delivered from halfway across the country or the world to their doorsteps?

    Did you say through delivery services? If you did, you are right. And that will be the focal point of our discussion — parcel tracking services and how you can leverage the innovation to enjoy a smooth parcel tracking experience.

    Let's start by discussing about package tracking systems. Shall we?

    How does the package tracking system work?

    If you are new around the block or are not familiar with how parcel tracking works, we will share all you need to know about parcel tracking and why ecommerce sites should have an order tracking page.

    It's no longer news that digital marketing is the trend, and most businesses are jumping on it. The sudden shift from how we conduct business traditionally to doing business online has caused a spike in the numbers of ecommerce stores worldwide.

    Today, it is almost impossible to surf the Internet and not touch ground in any ecommerce shops — especially with the increasing number of dropshipping sites.

    An store's ability to get its products or services delivered to its customers in good time is arguably one of the first qualities potential clients or customers look out for in an ecommerce setting.

    If you patronize ecommerce stores and you need to get your shipment in one piece and promptly, you can rely on order tracking services like Track & Trace to monitor parcel movement.

    There is more to package tracking than meets the eye. So much work is put into the process of getting a package delivered —not just delivered but be delivered in one piece and on schedule.

    The parcel has to be sorted (or "localized" if you like to be technical) before it is sent out. Sorting the package helps keep track of the parcel from its source to its movement until it gets delivered.

    Localizing the parcel also gives you an idea of the delivery time. The primary purpose of having an order tracking page is to provide customers with information about their delivery, delivery status, estimated delivery time, and date.

    Considering all the challenges associated with getting parcels delivered from online stars, it will be best to use a parcel tracking system to stay on top of your delivery. Thanks to parcel tracking technology, TrackTrace.Delivery can provide instantaneous information about shipment. Thankfully it doesn't take much to track any packages on our site — All you need is tracking number.

    What does a parcel tracking system do?

    You have probably been wondering what the benefits of a parcel tracking system are?

    Having a tracking number helps you deal with the anxiety and stress that comes with buying stuff online. Not knowing where your package is at any point in time can trigger anxiety, considering how shipments can vanish into thin air.

    Ecommerce store owners have tons of customer orders to fulfil, which imposes stress on them because they have to meet up with the products' delivery. Because of the complex processes involved in shipping parcels, especially international deliveries, parcel may be left out or sent to the wrong address.

    With parcel tracker, you can find out where international delivery is at all times.

    In addition to taking stress off your shoulder, tracking parcel via "Track & Trace" also saves you the endless wait to speak with a customer representative about package delivery. You don't have to call for updates on your parcel delivery status continually — you track parcels by yourself and don't have to deal with the stress of impossible customer services.

    Then there is the issue of lost packages during delivery. A reliable parcel tracking system can help you retrieve lost parcels. It will provide you with updated information about package's movement from when it left the seller to when it arrives at your door.

    So, if it was to be misplaced, get delivered to the wrong address, or lost, you can retrace the delivery and retrieve your parcel. The tracking number a key element in the shipping process, and you can leverage parcel tracking services to get information about your delivery.

    What is a tracking number?

    The tracking number is a unique identification number assigned to individual parcels for easy identification and tracking of the package's movement while it is en -route. TrackTrace.Delivery have stepped up their game to make parcel tracking more convenient and hassle-free for their customers.

    Parcel tracking system

    Here is a sneak peek of what the "Track & Trace" parcel tracking can do for you. We support more than 400 carriers, auto-detects carriers by tracking number, and auto-translate tracking data in more languages (offer auto-translation for tracking data in 80+ languages).

    Package tracker also provides an unlimited parcel manager, that allows you to track multiple carriers for one parcel.

    An effective parcel tracking system will help you track and manage your parcel's movement by typing the parcel tracking number in the input field.

    Besides tracking packages, another advantage of using an tracker is that it helps curb common challenges like misplaced parcels.

    You will be more at ease if you know where your parcels are at all times. Also, considering the large volume of deliveries online stores have to meet up with, using a parcel tracking service prevents parcel mishandling and, in a worse case, loss.

    Because parcel tracking is important to virtually all online customers, We have made it extremely easy to know your parcels' whereabout.

    Common courier problems and how to avoid them

    Like every other business out there, delivery and managing parcel tracking system has its peculiar challenges. Here are some of them and how to avoid them.

    1. Poor customer service

    As the famous saying goes, "you will never get a second chance to make the first impression. Similarly, if an ecommerce store gives you a wrong impression the first time, the chances are that you will have problems getting parcel delivered.

    Customer service must portray the values of the company. The customer service representative must be polite and helpful. If you are having problems tracking your parcel or getting delivery on time, the last thing you need is a customer service that cares less about what happened.

    The solution: As a customer, the best way to avoid doing business with an unprofessional carrier is to assess their customer service when you first called in to inquire about their services. Then ensure to track parcel on our tracker. All you need is your parcel tracking number.

    2. Late deliveries

    It's almost impossible to make a list of courier problems and not mention late deliveries. As you can imagine, late delivery affects both the courier and recipient of the parcel. How?

    The receiver doesn't want his parcel to delay by even a second. He wants to lay hands on his package at the agreed time. On the other hand, the courier doesn't want to bad reputation because it will negatively reflect and put a dent on the company's reputation. You see, it cuts both ways.

    After waiting anxiously and putting other activities aside for the delivery, you get slammed with a missed deadline or misplaced parcel. Considering the frustration and inconvenience, how do would you react?

    To avoid such limbo, you can track pacakges and monitor movement every second of the way.

    What to do if parcel delivery is late?

    Before you patronize any courier service, it would be best if you take a second to check what people are saying about them — check online (preferably their website or blog) for reviews and testimonials. Other challenges people face with parcel delivery include parcels been delivered in bad condition, delayed customs clearance and high cost of parcel delivery.

    How to identify a reliable courier service

    The increasing number of ecommerce stores calls for innovative parcel tracking systems to meet the high demand for reliable parcel delivery systems.

    Rather than sticking to one company to deliver parcel, you can check elsewhere for fast and reliable delivery and companies that invest lots of resources in creating a unique system and responsive parcel delivery.

    One innovation that will help you track parcels without hiccups is order tracking system. All you have to do type in your parcel tracking number and you will be amazed at how much information you will get about parcel delivery.

    What are the benefits of Track & Trace?

    Here are some parcel tracking features:

    • Unlimited parcel manager;
    • Support more than 400 carriers;
    • Multi-carrier tracker for one parcel;
    • Auto-detect carrier by the tracking number;
    • Free (w/o any registrations);
    • Auto translate tracking data to 80+ languages.

    Check out the TrackTrace.Delivery to learn more about parcel tracker.