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    National Postal Services

    Postal Shipment Tracking Service

    Today, you can receive international mail from anywhere without leaving your home. Each package international service is responsible for delivering the package on time and informing the recipient of its location. However, the challenge lies in keeping track of the many delivery companies. The recipient must track who sent the mail item, which courier will deliver it, and its international mail tracking updates. We support tracking most of the popular package delivery services worldwide so that you can find out about the tracking status of your mail items with just one click. If you have a shipment and want to track a package, enter your tracking number in the input field above and click the TRACK button in our tracking tool to start tracking.

    How Does the National Postal Service Work?

    The international post service is undergoing significant changes with the rise of e-commerce, particularly in the direction of goods from China. Mail operators are constantly working to improve delivery processes and adopt new technologies, such as drone delivery, to ensure the timely delivery of shipments.

    National Postal Operators are connected through the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which includes over 190 countries and aims to standardize mailing processes and correspondence exchange. The main goal of the National Post is to deliver mail efficiently and on time.

    To choose the best shipping option, Nacional Post offers various types of delivery, each with different weight restrictions, delivery speed, and pricing options. For instance, the USPS provides opportunities such as Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, and Media Mail. The faster the delivery, the more expensive the option.

    The first step in sending a parcel to another country is to choose the type of delivery. After selecting the type, the courier accepts the package and gives it a unique tracking number. The shipment begins its journey from the sender to the recipient, and the tracking number allows both parties to monitor its progress.

    Main Stages of Parcel. Tracking Statuses

    Here, we list the main steps in the movement of an international parcel, which can be found in your tracking data. According to this data, you can estimate where your package is currently and when it will be delivered. We also provide a selective list of problems that often arise with the package.

    • Registration in the Origin Country (Identification with a Tracking Number);
    • Transfer of Parcel Data to the Information Exchange Center at the Universal Postal Union (UPU) for Tracking;
    • Parcel's Movement Begins, and its Route is Formed;
    • Transit through Sorting and Storage Centers;
    • Customs Clearance for Export;
    • Exportation from the Origin Country;
    • Transport;
    • Import and Acceptance by the Destination Country's Delivery Service;
    • Customs Clearance in the Destination Country;
    • Final Delivery to the Recipient via the Sorting Center;
    • Storage  at the Local Post Office;
    • Receipt by the Recipient.

    Possible Problems During Shipment Tracking

    Various reasons can cause problems related to mail transportation and delivery. These can be external factors, such as cataclysms and epidemics, or internal factors, such as the carrier's or recipient's actions.

    • The parcel is damaged during transit;
    • The parcel goes missing;
    • Customs reject the parcel due to prohibited items in the shipment;
    • The recipient is responsible for paying any additional customs fees for the shipment;
    • The recipient's address is incorrect;
    • The post office is closed due to a quarantine (for example COVID-19);
    • The recipient declines the package;
    • An unsuccessful delivery attempt was made due to the recipient's absence from home or office.
    • Acts of nature or natural disasters can also cause issues.

    International Express Mail Service (EMS)

    When we describe the work of mail operators, it is necessary to highlight the express delivery service, which is an integral part of a national post service. EMS is a fast and reliable international express delivery service offered by mail operators who are members of the UPU. This service expedites international postal correspondence by utilizing air freight to reduce delivery times. EMS services are available in around 150 countries and are continuously monitored for quality assurance through independent audits. Each year, the quality of EMS services is evaluated and ranked in each country to ensure that customers receive the best possible experience. It is also worth mentioning that mail operators offer a registered mail service that provides proof of mailing and delivery. This service is beneficial for sending important documents or valuable items that require extra security measures with a tracking solution.

    International Parcel Tracking Number

    As we have already said, in the first stages of sending mail, you receive a unique package number - this is a tracking number that allows you to track the parcel in the sender's country and the recipient's country in the national post service.

    The S10 standard is a tracking number format postal tracking service used to track and identify shipments. It consists of a 10-digit code identifying a specific shipment and its location of your package. The S10 format is widely used worldwide for national and international shipments to provide accurate and real-time information about the parcel of your package. This helps to ensure that each shipment is tracked and delivered securely and efficiently. The S10 tracking number allows customers to track their shipments easily, view the current status and location, and receive notifications about any changes in the delivery status. By using the S10 tracking number, customers can stay informed and have peace of mind, knowing that their shipments are in good hands and will be delivered on time.

    S10 Format:

    • two letters - Type of parcel;
    • eight digits - Parcel number;
    • one digit - Check the digit for checking the parcel number;
    • two letters - Sender country code.

    For example, EV949691005CN, where EV is the EMS Parcel type, 94969100 is the parcel number, 5 is the check number, and CN is the origin country code (China). 

    Parcel Tracking: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    I am waiting for a parcel from China. What if the delivery service is to the US?

    In this scenario, the local post office, the United States Postal Service, will be responsible for delivering the mail. The package would have been initially shipped from China using China Post, but USPS will handle the delivery to your address. If you were waiting for a parcel from Singapore, your international shipping carrier would be Singapore Post, but US Post would handle it, too.

    How long does the package take from China?

    The time a package arrives from China depends on various factors, such as the shipping method, the destination country, and customs clearance or delivery delays. For instance, if you opt for international airmail, your package may take 10-20 business days to reach you. However, if you choose express delivery services such as EMS or DHL, you can receive your package in as little as 2-5 days. The time taken for customs clearance can vary significantly, with some packages being cleared quickly while others may face delays of several days or weeks.

    Approximately delivery time from China:

    • United States of America ~24 Days;
    • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ~19 Days;
    • Canada ~28 Days;
    • Australia ~31 Days;
    • Switzerland ~24 Days;
    • New Zealand ~28 Days.

    More about the average delivery time for China Post

    It is essential to keep in mind that delivery times are only estimates and are subject to change depending on various factors such as weather, holidays, and shipping volume. If you have a specific time frame for receiving your package, it is best to discuss the delivery options with the seller and choose a shipping method that best meets your needs.

    Why does the package show the status "package is delivered" when I have not yet received it?

    The status of the parcel being marked as "delivered" by the international carrier can indicate that the package has arrived at its final destination. However, if the recipient has yet to receive the parcel, there are a few possible reasons for this discrepancy.

    • Incorrect Address: The package may have been delivered to the wrong address if the carrier had incorrect information or the recipient's address was unclear.
    • Delivery to a Safe Place: If the recipient was unavailable, the carrier may have attempted to deliver the package to a safe place, such as a porch, mailbox, or front desk.
    • Package Theft: Unfortunately, package theft is becoming more common, and a delivered package may be taken by someone other than the intended recipient.
    • Carrier Error: In rare cases, the carrier may mistake and mark the package as delivered when it is still in transit.

    If you haven't received your package yet, the first step is to check the tracking status of your shipment and the delivery location indicated by the courier. If the package isn't there, it'd be best to check with neighbors or a front desk if necessary. If the package still cannot be located, contacting the official parcel service for further assistance would be best.

    In conclusion, receiving a package marked as delivered but not received can be frustrating. However, a few common explanations for this discrepancy can be resolved by contacting the post office for help.

    The package is now available for pick up at the post office. How long will it take me to retrieve it?

    If the recipient did not opt for a door delivery, they must pick up their parcel from the post office. The warehouses can only store mail for a limited time. If the package is not picked up within this time, it will be returned to the sender. The storage time depends on the international postal services and the warehouse's capacity. If you need more time to pick up the parcel, you can request the Post for the terms of free storage or opt for home delivery. However, some carriers may charge additional storage fees. So, it's essential to be cautious and avoid wasting money.

    Is it possible for me to change the delivery address for my parcel?

    If you, as the sender, realize that you made a mistake in the recipient's address, you may have the option to change it if the parcel is still within the sender's country. However, it's important to note that some carriers only support address correction, and some delivery operators may charge additional fees.

    If you are the recipient and your package has already been imported and delivered to the post office, please feel free to request to change the delivery address. Contact the post office and ask to forward the mail to a new address. Keep in mind that some carriers may charge a fee for this service. The United States Postal Service offers a Change-of-Address product for all parcels.

    What should I do if I have not received my package?

    It can be frustrating and confusing if you have yet to receive a package sent to you through the local post office. However, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue and get your package delivered to you as soon as possible.

    1. Check the Delivery Status. To locate a missing package, check its current status on our tracking page. You can do this by using the international tracking number provided by the sender or by visiting the official tracking system website. This will give you the expected delivery date, location, and details.
    2. Contact the Sender. Contact the sender for package tracking information or concerns.
    3. Contact the Local Post Office. To find a missing package, visit the Local Post website or your local post office. Fill out a missing mail report or speak with a representative to track a parcel.
    4. File a Claim. If your package is lost or damaged, file a claim with the Postal Service. Provide details about the package's contents, and the delivery provider will investigate and determine compensation.
    5. Seek Legal Assistance. If your package is lost or damaged or you are not satisfied with the outcome of your claim, consider seeking legal assistance. An attorney can help you understand your rights and seek compensation.

    In conclusion, taking action quickly is essential if you have not received a package. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of getting your parcel delivered or receiving compensation if lost or damaged.

    How can I verify that my tracking number is genuine and not a scam?

    The tracking number is essential for tracking your packages, but scammers can also use it to deceive you. As a result, it's necessary to ensure that your tracking number is accurate and that you are not being scammed. We'll outline some steps you could take to confirm your tracking number.

    1. Check the Sender's Information. Verify the sender's details to check the correct tracking number. Ensure that the name and address match your expectations. If the sender is unknown or no package information is provided, be cautious and research before accepting the package.
    2. Check the Tracking Number Format. Ensure your tracking number is valid in the UPU format S10. If not, the number may be fake.
    3. Use the Official International Carrier's Website. To track the package, use the official tracking website and enter your tracking number.
    4. Watch for Red Flags. When tracking your package, look for red flags such as incorrect information, unknown delivery locations, or delivery dates that are far in the future. These could indicate that the tracking number is fake and you are being scammed.
    5. Report Suspected Fraud. Report any suspected fake shipment tracking number to the carrier and authorities to prevent others from being scammed and assist in investigating the fraud.

    It is crucial to exercise caution when receiving and tracking packages, especially if the tracking number is unfamiliar. Following these steps can increase your chances of identifying a fake tracking number and avoiding scams. If you suspect your tracking number is affected, do not hesitate to report it to the appropriate authorities.

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